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----- HAPPYFRUITS Information: -----

  • HAPPYFRUITS is in the first meaning, just a simple wallpicture, that you can place at your home for decoration.
  • BUT, with every purchase you can win L$ back. Every 2nd picture wins, ... guaranted !

° How does this work?
  • You buy a picture from any vendor Grid-wide.
  • At this moment, the vendor connects to our servers and check, if you are a winner.
  • If so, you immediatly get your won L$.

° How is it guaranted, that every 2nd picture wins?
  • With every 100 pictures, there are following win-classes: 50x 0L$ (blanks), 35x 50L$, 10x 100L$ and 5x 250L$
  • As you can see, ... 100 pictures, ... 50 blanks, ... 50 wins
  • So every 2nd picture is a winner.

° How can I get a picture?
  • You can buy pictures at any vendor Grid-wide
  • If you found a vendor, just right-click at it and choose PAY
  • Click the Price-Button and thats it.
  • Pay attention to the Top-Right Corner to get the picture from the vendor.
  • You are immediatly informed in local Chat (via instant message), if you are a winner or not.
  • If you are a winner, you immediatly get the money.

° Do I need to enter any group?
  • No, there is no need to be member of any specific group.
  • Everybody can buy and win, without being member of the HappyFruits Group.

° How many pictures I am alloewd to buy?
  • You are allowed to bua as many pictures as you like.
  • But pay attention to the instant message, wait until you are informed, if you are a winner or not.
  • After that, you can buy another picture if you like.

° Why should I become a vendor?
  • As a vendor you get an object that you can place anywhere at your parcel or sim.
  • Now any visitor can buy a HAPPYFRUITS picture.
  • If anybody does, YOU get 10% of the price immediately!
  • Thats all, you do not need to do anything else.
  • Just place the vendor at your home, club or whatelse and get money, whenever anybody buys a picture from your vendor.

° What can I do, if something goes wrong?
  • If something goes wrong or you have any other questions, just contact HappyFruits Resident
  • Dropping a notecard is better than just leaving an instant message, because instant messages are sometimes cropped by SL.

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